Three Layer Coating

Three Layer Polyolefin coating is an externally plant-applied process using Polyolefin material (Polypropylene or Polyethylene).  This multi-layer process begins with the application of Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) primer coating to protect the integrity of the steel. Following the application of the FBE coating, adhesive is applied, which allows the Polyolefin material to adhere to the FBE coating.  Finally, the Polyolefin material is applied forming the third layer of protection to the steel pipe.

Three Layer Coating
Polyolefin material is highly resistant to moisture permeation and is both flexible and highly resistant to damage, making it a valuable asset to your pipe coating needs.

During the 3LP Process:

  • Adhesive is applied, covering the primed FBE surface
  • Polyolefin material is side extruded onto the pipe
  • Polyolefin Material is removed from the pipe ends, forming the cutback.