Concrete weight coating is a plant-applied coating used to achieve negative buoyancy. Bayou has coated over 4.5 million feet of pipe with concrete weight coating to date.

Application process

  • Bayou uses a compression wrap process which keeps the anti-corrosion coating free of damage. Concrete is applied by wrapping a uniform layer while simultaneously wrapping reinforcing wire within the concrete coating for stability
  • A calculated mixture of cement, sand, iron ore and wire wrap is applied to a predetermined thickness and density level

Coating Components

  • The concrete weight coating system is typically used in conjunction with other coating systems such as FBE and 3LPP/E.
  • Bayou uses various methods to avoid slippage between the concrete layer and anti-corrosion coating. These include adding a rough-coat layer or applying a 2-component epoxy adhesive to bond the concrete to the coated surface.
  • Bayou offers integrated anode installation to maintain the integrity of the cathodic protection system.

portable plant capabilities

  • Bayou has a containerized mobile CWC plant that offers CWC application in close proximity to the project site.

primary specifications

  • 8 in. min to 48 in. max OD
  • Pipe lengths: 35 ft. min to 45 ft. max
  • Density range: 140#, 165#, 190#, 210#


To achieve negative buoyancy for: 

  • Offshore pipelines
  • Pipelines in wetland environments
  • River / Road crossings


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