Testing Capabilities

Bayou has in house lab and testing capabilities to perform prequalification and preproduction testing for coating projects. We also have strategic partnerships with third party testing facilities for additional required tests.

In-house testing

  • FBE cure (DSC scan)
  • FBE and/or 3LP porosity
  • FBE and/or 3LP flexibility
  • FBE and/or 3LP cathodic disbondment test (max 95°C)
  • FBE and/or 3LP hot water resistance (max 95°C)
  • FBE/3LP impact
  • PE/PP melt flow
  • PE/PP hardness
  • PE/PP density
  • GSPP glass content (sinkers)
  • GSPP cross-section examination
  • GSPP thermal conductivity
  • GSPP compressive strength
  • PE/PP/GSPP tensile strength
  • PE/PP/GSPP elongation at break
  • GSPP Interlayer adhesion
  • Full-scale bend
  • Penetration resistance
  • Specific heat capacity

Third Party Testing

  • Fatigue test (Stress Engr)
  • Tensioner test (Stress Engr)
  • OHTC simulated service test (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Ring shear test (SRC Engineers)
  • Heat aging test (MFG Data)
  • Water aging test (MFG Data)
  • UV aging test (MFG Data)
  • Abrasion resistance (Partech)

Testing Standards

  • ISO12736
  • ASTM
  • NACE
  • Client Specific Standards