Our Policy:

“The Bayou Companies continually improves workplace safety, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and our management system, while meeting and or exceeding all applicable regulatory requirements and standards.  We endeavor to provide quality products and services. with a focus on our customer’s needs.”


Bayou Companies is committed to a zero-incident safety culture.  We have pledged to “target zero” where no incident is acceptable.  Our team engages in leading indicator measurement to predict and eliminate the next incident from happening.  We also focus heavily on training, and that has yielded results below National Industry benchmarks as we strive for world-class execution.

Bayou was excited to finish 2021 with a TRIR of 0.00, and over ONE MILLION hours without a lost-time incident.



Bayou’s QMS is certified by SAI Global (Registrar) to be in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The importance of a safe work environment is continuously stressed at Bayou. The Company’s experienced team of dedicated safety professionals constantly strives to develop innovative safety methods to ensure that employees view safety as their top priority.

In an effort to be an environmentally friendly company, Bayou identifies and controls the environmental impacts of its activities and sets environmental objectives and targets.  Management is assured that the Company is in control of organizational processes and activities which have an impact on the environment.  Bayou ensures that all permits are maintained and that emissions and waste are properly treated and remain harmless to the environment.