Internal flow efficiency coating

  • Used to improve the flow of gas through the pipeline by creating a smooth, defect-free surface
  • Removes mill scale and dirt which could adversely affect pigging operations if loosened during service
  • Reduces surface roughness, improving the flow properties of the pipeline, and lowering operating costs
  • Enhances the visual inspection of the internal pipe surface
  • The ID coating process involves four steps: (1) pre-heating the pipe to 5°F above dew point; (2) the pipe is then internally blasted using a steel abrasive to a commercial finish; (3) the coating is then spray-applied into the pipe;
  • (4) finally, the pipe is re-heated post-application to insure a tack-free finish

InnerGard™ ID FBE coating

  • Comprised of FBE over phenolic primer
  • An alternative to traditional polyethylene liners, clad welding,
  • or expensive alloy steels for water injection lines
  • Used to protect steel pipelines during storage for extended periods prior to installation, thus extending the life of the pipe
  • The product provides excellent corrosion protection, increases flow efficiency, enhances flow assurance, and greatly reduces costs vs. using high alloy pipe.


Primary specifications

  • 4 in. min to 48 in. max OD
  • Pipe lengths:32 ft. min to 42 ft. max
  • Typical thickness: 1.5 mils to 3 mils

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