Concrete Weight Coating

Concrete weight coating (CWC) is a plant-applied coating used to provide negative buoyancy for offshore pipelines or for river or road crossing applications. Bayou’s mobile plants have the capability of handling both domestic and international projects.


Bayou’s CWC process:

  • Utilizes a calculated mixture of cement, iron ore and wire wrap to apply concrete in a predetermined thickness
  • Is used in conjunction with other coating systems such as fusion bond epoxy
  • Offers integrated anode installation to maintain the integrity of the cathodic protection system

Facility Locations

Bayou has two CWC coating facilities in New Iberia, Louisiana. Both facilities are capable of handling 2-inch to 48-inch diameter pipelines up to 60-feet in length.

If required, Bayou’s mobile CWC facility enables Bayou to apply concrete coating in close proximity to the project site.