Insulated Coating

Bayou offers insulated coating through Bayou Wasco Insulation, LLC, a joint venture between Bayou and Wasco Energy, Ltd. Bayou Wasco provides offshore insulation services to customers in the U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Syntactic Polyurethane

Syntactic polyurethane materials are used as thermal insulation for offshore pipelines. The product is customized to take into account specific project requirements, such as water depth and thermal requirements. The product can be laid by all types of offshore lay barges.

Applications and Standards

The product is applied by an injection molding process to achieve the specific requirements of project based specifications.

Multi-Layer Polypropylene (Solid, Foam and Syntactic) Flow Assurance Coating

Polypropylene insulation systems are used for thermal management of flowlines for offshore applications. Insulation can take the form of solid, foamed or syntactic polypropylene, as well as multi-layer combinations of these three materials designed specifically for each project.

Applications and Standards

The products are applied by a side extrusion process. Various layers are employed to achieve the desired thermal and buoyancy requirements. Materials are applied in accordance with project specific requirements.

SURF 9035™

SURF 9035™ material is a fully compounded polypropylene based resin that is ideal for the production of syntactic polypropylene systems for thermal management of flowlines for offshore applications. The material is designed to perform at high service temperatures specifically in deep water. Its matrix is a base polymer designed by Basell and final formulation is performed by Wasco Coatings Group insulation technology.

Typical Processing Conditions — Melt temperature range: 180 °C – 220 °C
Typical Applications — Thermal insulation pipe coating for deep water



  • Excellent processability
  • Good impact strength
  • Excellent softness
  • Low permeability to water vapor