ID Flow Efficiency Coating

ID coatings are used to improve the flow of gas through the pipeline by creating a smooth defect free surface–greatly increasing the flow of gas through the pipeline.

ID coatings are used:

  • As an insulator on electrically heated pipe-in-pipelines reducing pipe maintenance and making pipeline inspection easier
  • In potable water applications


  • Removes mill scale and dirt which could adversely affect pigging operations if loosened during service
  • Provides protection to the cleaned surface prior to installation
  • Reduces surface roughness, improves the flow characteristics of the pipeline and lowers the costs of operating the line
  • Enhances the visual inspection of the internal pipe surface

The Bayou Companies has multiple ID coating facilities in New Iberia, Louisiana, Conroe, Texas and Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Facilities are capable of handling 2-inch to 48-inch pipe in varying length.