The Bayou Companies History

The Bayou Companies, LLC was a third generation, family-owned business for over 70 years. Bayou began as a one man, one welding truck operation in 1942. Today, The Bayou Companies strive to deliver the same quality and value as it has for the past 70 years.

Bayou Companies - History


1942   Bayou Welding Works was established
1981 Bayou Management Services, Inc. was established
2001 Bayou Management Services, LLC changed its name to The Bayou Companies, LLC
2002 Acquired Commercial Coating Services International, Ltd. (CCSI)
2006 Bayou Welding Works, LLC established as a welding and fabrication division
2009 The Bayou Companies, LLC and Corrpro Companies, Inc. were acquired by Insituform Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of proprietary technologies and services for rehabilitating sewer, water, energy and mining piping systems and the corrosion protection of industrial pipelines 
2011 Bayou and Wasco Energy created Bayou Wasco Insulation, LLC (BWI), a joint venture to provide offshore insulation services



1972   First fusion bonded epoxy coating plant opened
1983 First pipe bending facility constructed
1989 Second fusion bonded epoxy coating plant operational
1991 Internal flow efficiency (ID coating) plant opened
1992 Fusion bonded epoxy custom coating capability
1994 Fusion bonded epoxy coating plant added in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1998 Internal flow efficiency (ID coating) plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2000 First concrete weight coating plant
2006 Established welding and fabrication capabilities
2006 The Bayou Companies constructed its third FBE coating plant located in New Iberia, Louisiana
2006 A second concrete coating plant was acquired
2007 CCSI and Bayou constructed an internal FBE coating plant
2009 FBE coating plant in Canada acquired
2013 BWI plant established 
2016 ACS™ plant commissioned



Bayou takes safety seriously. We have reached one million man hours without a single lost time incident.

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