Advanced Coating System HT-200 (ACS™)

HT200 is a flow assurance insulation system for ultra deepwater applications used for thermal management of subsea flowlines and risers. This product is designed to perform at the highest known service temperatures.


The insulation system is composed of three layers:

  1. An anti-corrosion coating layer (high temp FBE)
  2. A molded insulation layer
  3. A polypropylene topcoat for UV resistance and mechanical protection

Special Features

  • Product has unlimited water depth range (no microspheres required)
  • Product is resistant to hot/wet aging
  • Product is a thermoset material with no melting point and low creep
  • Product provides excellent adhesion to a variety of materials including polypropylene
  • Designed for any installation method (Reel, J-Lay, S-Lay)

primary specifications

  • 4.5 in. min to 24 in. max OD
  • Pipe lengths: 30 ft. min to 80 ft. max
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.18-0.20 W/mK
  • U-value range 2 W/m2K and higher
  • Min operating temp: -20°C
  • Max operating temp: 204°C
  • Water depth range is unlimited


  • Deepwater and ultra deepwater locations
  • Subsea, highest temperature environments


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