5-Layer Polypropylene

5-layer Polypropylene (solid and syntactic) is a flow assurance insulation system for deepwater applications used for thermal management of subsea flowlines. This product is an alternative to Glass Syntactic Polyurethane (GSPU) and designed to perform at higher-service temperatures.

Application process

  • Products are applied by a side extrusion process and various layers are employed to achieve the desired thermal and buoyancy requirements in accordance with project specs.
  • Insulation work is performed in Bayou Wasco’s automated, state-of-the-art coating facility.

Bayou Wasco Facilitiy

  • Modern and fully automated with minimal touch points between man and machine
  • Produces high-quality output via its unmatched pipe extruder paired with extra-long inlets and outlets to allow for a smoother flow of pipe through the facility with significantly tighter tolerance capabilities.
  • Exclusive plant design allows for pipe to enter and remain in the facility until all coating runs are complete, negating the chance of minerals or other contaminants adhering to the pipe between runs.

primary specifications

  • 6 in. min to 24 in. max OD
  • Pipe lengths: 35 ft. min to 80 ft. max
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.1-0.17 W/mK
  • U-value range: 1.5 W/m2K and higher
  • Min operating temp: -35°C to -20°C
  • Max operating temp: 150°C
  • Water depth range: 0-3,000 m


  • Deepwater locations
  • Subsea, higher temperature environments


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